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Student life in the classrooms, halls, and playground reflects joy and sweet-spirited friendship. Parents and staff at the school can feel the goodness of God's Spirit at work in all of school life. Watching the older students interacting with the younger students and students interacting with their teachers brings great delight to the soul.

Knights Fest 

Knights Fest is our annual medieval celebration. From baking and art contests to archery, sword fighting and our amazing medieval feast, this is a much loved event by our students and staff alike. 

We end the celebration with a Contra dance and ball.  The students love to dress up in period costumes and experience life in ancient history.


Encouraging a love of reading is very important at
SCCS. Each year students participate in a month long 

Read-A-Thon. Class grades are paired together in this friendly competition with an Awards Assembly at the end where classical literature is presented to those whom read the most.

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         Miss Nelson is Missing
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