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The following are some of the reasons
why we utilize the 4-Day Model:



 1.   Provides an organized high-quality academic program


 2.  Maintains an appropriate balance between the family, church and school


 3.   It is a lower-cost model of education – financially friendly to families


 4.   Adaptable to a variety of situations and circumstances (flexible options)


 5.   Allows a more economic and efficient use of labor and resources


 6.   Blends the advantages of the 5-Day Academy and Home Schooling 


 7.   Prevents teacher burnout and allows teachers to be refreshed and well-



 8.   Develops didactic discipline and scholastic independence in students


 9.   Families, students and teachers love this model


 10.  Accommodates parental prerogatives, choices, and priorities


 11.  Protects the Lord’s Day enabling families to maintain margin and rest


 12.  Creates a covenant community accommodating all economic levels and 

        family sizes


 13.  Results in a wholesome, sweet-spirited, grace-filled culture


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(509) 325-2252

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