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We Desire To Provide
Affordable Education.


Spokane Classical Christian School is committed to making education affordable to Christians dedicated to living out the gospel. To accomplish this, we provide the following:


Low Tuition ($5,000/per child).


We provide a 10% Family Income Cap after the first child.


Limited Scholarship: In case of unusual situations, we have a “Limited Scholarship Fund”.



Note: Prior to discussions of the 10% Family Income Cap or Scholarship, families must first fill out and submit the Application and Student Information Forms. Each situation is viewed as unique for the school to assess. The school is under no obligation to subsidize or compensate for challenging circumstances or situations that are the result of a family’s current and/or past lifestyle choices.



"Education costs money,

but then so does ignorance."

 Sir Claus Moser


Office Summer Days & Hours

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(509) 325-2252

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